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"We love to invite our friends to our home for dinner parties. It gives  us more time to socialize and taste great food.  Unfortunately I don't like to cook and I require some dietetic restrictions. We solved both problem with Natalie.She offers great food, fantastic variety, healthy ingredients and service with no equal. At our home no party is complete without Natalie's help!" ~Nilda & Conrad Winiarski

"As a working mom, I love having Natalie help me in the kitchen. With a long commute to work everyday, I just don't have time to prepare a good, nutritious meal for my family every night. Natalie did a great job of planning meals I could easily heat once I got home. She even divided them into individual portions so I wouldn't have to heat more than we would eat at one time. 

My husband and I prefer full flavor foods, but they often don't sit well with our 18 month old son. Natalie took the time to talk with me about our likes and dislikes. Once she planned the meals, she emailed me the choices and I was able to make any changes I wanted. I rearranged some side dishes to different meals, asked questions about ingredients of some dishes, requested particular cuts of meat, etc. Then she came out while I was at work and prepared a weeks worth of food in one day! I was able to come home to a kitchen full of foods that my son would eat, would keep the adults taste buds happy, and wouldn't add inches to my waistline. I will definitely use the Food Optimist again!"

"Chef Natalie contacted me ahead of time to review her menu of healthy and well balanced meals. She helped me decide what would work best for my family which includes toddlers and a sometimes picky husband. Chef Natalie then prepared gourmet and kid friendly meals meals that my family loved. There were request for seconds and even request for more vegetables. I highly recommend her personal chef services and can not wait for her scrumptious food again!"

"When I first called Food Optimist as a potential caterer for my daughters birthday party I was completely overwhelmed by the number of families who had rsvp' d. Chef Natalie guided me through an inexpensive menu selection that would please kids and grown-ups alike. Her suggestions were perfect and all of the guests commented on how they enjoyed the food. I will definitely call Food Optimist again."

"From my professional interview to discuss food preferences to the completed menu, having Chef Natalie prepare my meals is an fabulous food experience. Natalie prepared my food using fresh local produce and meats. Her  foods are vibrantly flavored with a variety of spices which gives her foods a special kick. Chef Natalie's smooth butternut squash soup is like eating Autumn in a bowl. I used to eat out all the time, now her service saves me time and money while I feel treated every night!"

"Chef Natalie is definitely a Food Optimist! After losing a significant amount of weight and running my own business, I found myself dependent on diet convenience foods to maintain my weight loss. Natalie was able to provide me with almost a months worth of delicious food in one visit! It is so convenient with my busy lifestyle not to have to worry about what I'm going to have to eat after a long day. All of her food was tasty,and she took a lot of consideration to find out how I exactly like to eat and made everything custom for me. I was surprised to find that her service is actually saving me money from not going out for pricey restaurant meals... And, I feel great because I'm eating Real Food! I will definitely continue to use the Food Optimist!"

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